During a massive bout of REM rebound, I had some of the most off-the-wall dreams of my life. Most were obscure and strange, while others were just plain weird. Out of an entire twenty-two hours of potential dream time, there was one in particular that I remember.

I was back in West Ottawa high school, the building I left forever less than two weeks ago. Having spent four years of my life there, it’s not unusual to dream of events in a school setting. In the dream, I walked through the main entrance and towards the reception desk. For some reason, there is a table pushed against the wall there, and it is piled high with half-eaten ribs covered with barbeque sauce. Everyone who walked by raised his or her nose in distaste. I didn’t pay much attention to the table, and proceeded to carry a roll of white garbage bags down the hall to my former math teacher’s room.

Once I arrived, Mrs. Bruns (the math teacher) told me to go get my foot from the front office. I told her that I had just come from there and no one had said anything about my foot, but she insisted I go right away and pick it up. So I walked back where I had come from, somewhat peeved at being told what to do in such a manner. As I was walking, I noticed a cast on my right foot. Actually, the cast completely covered my foot, but I was pretty sure it was still in there – until I saw it sitting on the table next to all the previously mentioned ribs.

I picked it up and went back to Mrs. Bruns’ room. I wrapped the poor foot in layer upon layer of white trash bags, and then wrote something on it with permanent black maker. Mrs. Bruns told me to leave it under her desk, and she would call me in a few weeks to let me know if it kept well enough.

Kept well enough? I guess. That was the end of the dream, fortunately.