There are a lot of people that think a good drink is made good by copious amounts of alcohol. I'm here to tell you they're wrong.

First of all let's talk ingredients. The most important thing is the tequila. Don't even think about using Cuervo. Seriously, just don't. At the very least, I use Sauza gold, but I prefer to use Sauza Hornitos it is a little bit more flavorful, yet still mellow. Think Patrón, but a lot cheaper. Although Gran Marnier is super yummy, it is also super expensive and not worth it to use in a margarita. Do not use margarita mix, it is too sweet. I like to use Limeade. It is in the freezer section as a concentrate and isn't quite as sweet as the margarita mix. Also, buy fresh limes. This is not an optional ingredient.

I usually use a 2:1:2 mixture; 2 parts tequila, 1 part orange liqueur (triple sec/cointreau/grand marnier), 2 parts Limeade and a small splash of OJ (optional).

Bottom line: Avoid the margarita mix and cheap tequila and you'll be happy.


  • Premium Tequila
  • Orange Liqueur
  • Orange Juice
  • Limeade
  • Fresh limes

Method for a pitcher of margaritas:
  • Start with about 3-4 limes and squeeze fresh lime juice into the pitcher.

  • I am lazy. I do not like to dirty up extra things in the kitchen if I do not have to. So, I typically use the can the limeade concentrate came in for measuring. Dump the frozen limeade concentrate into the pitcher and save the can.

  • For each of the following, measure the amount given and then pour it into the pitcher: 1 ½ cans tequila, ¾ can full of orange liqueur, 1 ½ cans of water and a splash of OJ.

  • Do not put ice in the pitcher, only add ice to the individual glasses when you serve it, other wise the first glass will be strong, and the last glass will be watery from the melted ice.

  • Salt the rim of your serving glasses and garnish with lime. If you want to make your pitcher prettier for display purposes, put in a few slices of lime and orange.

This makes a very strong margarita. Some people don't like that, so you may want to add limeade to taste. Also, if you don't want it so sweet, don't add the orange liqueur. If I'm just making one for myself, I like them really tart, so I use more lime juice and less triple sec. If I'm not making a pitcher, I make this in a martini shaker (remember that 2:1:2 ratio) and drink it straight up. ENJOY!