Tuaca is a 70-proof brandy-based liqueur from Italy with added flavors of vanilla and orange. The recipe has been a family secret for centuries, and was rumored to have been invented by Lorenzo de Medici in the the 16th century renaissance. Tuoni & Canepa of Livorno, Italy produce Tuaca for worldwide consumption. Tuaca is drunk straight, mixed into a variety of cocktails, and added to many dessert recipes.

Tuaca, a liqueur that legend says was created for Lorenzo the Magnificient (ruler of Florence Italy during the Renaissance) was discovered by american servicemn in Lirvorno Italy (seaside city on the mediterranian coast of Tuscany) during WWII. These soldiers searched the country, upon their return to the states, but were unable to find anything like the smooth, sweet liqueur. In the 1950's an importer brought Tuaca to the states.

It first became popular in California, and eventually gained a following on the west coast. It's one of a kind vanilla, hazelnut, and citrus flavor led people to begin using it as a mixer. Creations like the Valenti and the Tuaca Lemon Drop Martini helped the liqueur to grow in popularity.

Tuaca is still crafted today by the Tuoni family in Livorno. The recipe is a very deep secret which lends mystery to this wonderful rich brown liqueur.

35% alcohol by volume, 70 proof

Information above was gathtered in part at the following website: http://www.tuaca.com/

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