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Give everything you can to everyone you know

If you're still seeing a picture of me in a zen Buddhist temple above, it's because the internet hates me. If you are seeing a picture of a bunch of cool looking kids on a rock on a beach, that's my family. From left to right, that's LeAnn (Timothy's fiancee and mother to Abigail), Abigail (my sweet granddaughter), Timothy (Adam's son by his first marriage prior to marrying me), Caitlin, Dylan, and Elizabeth.

Newbies are the next generation. They are not the devil. They need your patience and your kindness, not your scorn and derision. Without them, this place will die. This place will still be here when you're gone. Make sure there are people here to inherit it. Every new user you scare away through your rudeness on a power trip dims the nodegel and makes this place a little more bitter. ~Rimrod's sage advice in Politeness is always in order

Here are some important words for you about the community aspect of E2:

We become friends, enemies. Light a cigarette and talk til dawn. Drive twenty-two hundred miles across country to run into each other. Fall asleep in piles in log cabins. Pub crawl in Cambridge. Delight in births, despair in divorces. And sometimes we move heaven and earth to keep one of our own alive. ~Whiskeydaemon

If you're curious, it's not the factuals that keep me here. Like someone else once said:

Write GTKY nodes, but make them worth our time. Write daylogs, but make them worth our time. Don't write for yourself... write to impress the person that thinks you are special. Write something that reflects your life, so we will know you when we meet you for the first time. Facts are fine, factual nodes are probably the most useful part of everything, but it is the personal touches that keep us here, so make them good. ~Hermetic

If you need me, try e-mail.

These have potential, some already may have one or two writeups in them, but the could be so much more. Fill these well (and let me know) and you will be rewarded:
The world is warm and likes having us in it
So - you've been making love to me ten thousand miles away - how tantalizing.
You've been slowly taking me over for nearly a year, do you know that?
the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me
A strange and beautifully distanced unity
Can you see the tension piling on me in waves? Look into my eyes.