Can we say "YUCK"..

I just don't dig rats. The sun was hell on my skin, I don't want to grow old, and have skin like a leather suitcase. When I tried to grab my cosmetic case, with my toiletries and sunscreen.. thefez yelled at me and made me take something "practical" like food. Why eat if you don't look good!

Talking about eating.. I don't dig rats. I don't like seafood, and you can only live on coconuts for so long. At least I could use the coconut milk for my skin, the wind and sun made my skin dry =/

I didn't care for this experience much. I don't mind breaking a sweat hiking for a day, but please.. no civilized person can go on day, after day, after day.. without a bubble bath.

My fellow castaways seemed nice. Probably cool to grab a drink with after work, but I never had to share a bedroom, nor a bathroom before.. nevermind a dirt floor hut.

I am going to the spa now..