Voted off the island this week: icicle.

Still left on the island:
Saige, knifegirl, jessicapierce, ideath, Deborah909, moJoe, dem bones, dannye, Pseudo-Intellectual, theFez, nate, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"It was actually beneath me to accompany these yahoos on this excursion into despair. What could possibly, in the best of all worlds, be hoped for in a situation such as this?

"When on-line, I could pick and choose my companions, my fights, my challenges: But here, these philistines are thrust into my face each and every waking hour. How should a man such as myself be expected to deal with such irrationality and, dare I say, hedonistic excess?

"Oh, this vile place is hot beyond belief. I have sweated in places I haven't even examined for years. And the parishioners here do not respect my authority. It is I, after all, who is responsible for all of this. None of this would be possible without me. Everyone knows that to be true, don't they?

"I've sacrificed a lifetime of scholarly studies. My art has suffered wounds and scrapes which no amount of money can repair.

"The million dollars will be mine, of course. Of that, there can be no question.

"Oh, what? Enough about me? What about icicle? Well, it was the unusual number of nipples that got her canned, wasn't it? I really wasn't paying that close of attention, to tell you the truth.

"Did I tell you about my ideas for a play based on this experience?"

Last Week. Next Week.

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