Tech Information for the Michigan Contingent, and Photo Information for Everybody

Update Update: Everyone who came, whether they be Michigan or New York folk, is welcome (nay, encouraged) to put their pictures up on the gallery ( To do so you'll need a username and password, so /msg me. I'm happy to host, but please cut the filesize down as much as you can -- my connection doesn't rock nearly as much as I want it to. Once you've got the username 'n' password, you'll be able to add photos, delete photos, edit captions, etc. etc. etc., so have a good time.

Update: http://pie.pirateship org is up, though currently sparse and slow as hell. Go to.

Q. Will there be internet connectivity?

A. Yes. We've got ADSL up and running, so for alls y'all who start shaking if you're away from a terminal for more than half an hour, we've got you covered. We're running DHCP in these parts, so you'll be able to get online with minimum hassle. Currently there is no wireless access, so plan accordingly.

Q. Cool. What do I need to bring to get online?

A. A computer capable of speaking DHCP. Since there's been so much interest (for which I'm very happy), space is at a premium, so please, laptops only. Sorry, but you won't be able to set up a desktop inside. In addition to your computer, you will need:

  1. A power strip. We don't have many outlets.
  2. An ethernet adapter.
  3. Your 1337 n3tw0rk1ng sk1llz.

You do not need to bring switches, hubs, or cat-5 unless you really want to. We've got 7 free ports here, and I doubt there will be that many who bring network devices. Update: cbustapeck is bringing a mammoth hub, so we absolutely, positively won't run out of ports.

Q. What about communication between the gatherings?

A. I plan to have a website up for the event (url to be released once I've actually configured the puppy). I'd love to get some form of fairly constant communication up, so bring your cell phones, digital cameras, webcams, and brilliant ideas -- with so many of us in the same place, we're bound to work something out. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. We don't have cell phones, digital cameras, or webcams, and the chances of us getting any of the above in time for the gathering are slim. Update: But thanks to dizzy and Wuukiee, we're set on the webcam front.
  2. Our ADSL is only 1.5/384, so our upstream isn't that good. I don't want to saturate the line, since there are some people who use my servers for email.
  3. I'd love to hear your ideas. I'm pretty swamped with school and work during the week, so the sooner you can get 'em to me, the better the chance is we'll be able to implement it.

So write me with your questions or suggestions and let's get this thing going. Send me a /msg or write to