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Walking down the beach, the tide was coming in all crazy. Irregular waves that threatened my feet. Suddenly I was on horseback, no saddle, and I knew I was safe even though I'd never done this before. Couldn't quite figure out where to put my hands but I knew I would be safe. The horse and I talked. He was a lot of fun. He had never been to the beach but knew all about playing in the waves. After we got past the dangerous part I got off and walked. Urchins and anemones washing up by the dozens, threatening our feet. Squeal and run - they might pinch us. We found a baby dolphin washed up and I asked if he was all right. He said no, so I scooped him up and brought him along. Then he was ok. By this time the waves had gone all crazy again and I was worried the suddenly black water would pull one of us under. We started back. We sent the dolphin out into an ocean that had grown black, black clouds boiling above it. None of us felt threatened, we knew to respect the weather. We would be safe.