I had quite a scary one tonight... It was kind of apocalyptic, actually. There were legions of sentient robots (appearing from nowhere) taking over the world, led by some other beings which I never saw but only heard of. The robots were garbage-bin-shaped and looked kinda like the Daleks from Doctor Who. The only fun part was when I found that I was able to fly by simply flapping a plastic bag or something like that under myself, thus producing a down-pointing air current. I and some other people I know were able to hide out in the woods, where the robots couldn't find us. Somehow, our computer was still functioning (it was built into a tree stump) and we used the Internet to get information on the robots' progress... All the time with the creepy feeling that we couldn't hide forever, and sooner or later we'd be found... Somehow, my parents were in the dream too, but I don't remember when or how.

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