Katie is six and she was bad today and her teacher gave her a citation which is an I Was Bad note to take home to her mom. Katie worries about mom's reaction. Katie asks me what I think mom will do.

I say Probably roast you on a spit. Katie says what is a spit. I say It is a pointy stick and she will stick it in your belly and cook you over an open flame till you are all juicy and delicious.

Katie says Yeah, right. What do you really think she'll do? I say Hmm. Really? Well really I think she will probably never let you eat ice cream ever again. Yeah. That sounds right. Actually I think I'll suggest that to her, in case she doesn't think of it herself.

Katie cries.

Evil Rating: 5 of 10. Maliciousness with attempt to upset. Success. Katie is a dork anyway.