A group of villains published by DC Comics. The Brotherhood of Evil first appeared in Doom Patrol #86.

The Brotherhood of Evil has had a number of incarnations over the years, but was originally organized by the Brain, a French scientist whose brain had been removed upon his death and which now traveled about in a high-tech container, allowing it to speak and sense what went on around it. The Brain's right hand was a gorilla whom the Brain had experimented on to increase its intelligence. This new ape was known as Monsieur Mallah. The third member of the original Brotherhood of Evil was Madam Rogue, a former actress named Laura De Mille whom the Brain also experimented on. The result of the Brain's work was a woman of pure evil, who could stretch all of her body parts and reshape her face to appear like other people. These three tried to further their plans for conquest, but were stopped by a group of unlikely heroes called the Doom Patrol

Eventually, Madame Rogue broke off from her teammates in the Brotherhood of Evil and attempted to kill them with the help of General Zahl a former Nazi U-Boat commander. Monsieur Mallah and the Brain were believed to have been killed when Madam Rogue caused an explosion near them. In fact the two escaped and began to travel, looking for other allies.

Years later, the Brotherhood of Evil again appeared with a change in membership. Monsieur Mallah and the Brain were still members, but they had been joined by a number of others. First, a Frenchman named Warp, who had the ability of open portals in the air that allowed those who stepped through them to travel great distances. Next came an English aristocrat with the code name Phobia, who could generate intense fear in others. Next came Houngan, a former doctor who melded science and voodoo in a deadly combination. Last was Plasmus, a German man, who through the experimentation of the Brain was now a mass of protoplasm, which burned anyone and anything it touched. These new heroes again vied for power but were opposed by the team of young heroes known as the Teen Titans.

The group later took on a new name, the Society of Sin and had a new member named Trinity join the group. Trinity possessed three faces each with an ability coinciding to its name. The three faces were Time, War and Chaos.

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