Let me make a small confession here. As the countdown dwindles, I find myself more and more excited to see xXx (August 9th, in a theatre near you). Because I love action movies, I love Vin Diesel with all of my horny heart, and I absolutely live my LIFE for Rammstein, who make an appearance in the movie. I'm planning a PARTY for opening night for God's sake, and I'm having a henna tattoo applied to my neck in the style of Vin Diesel's character. I am aware that this is an eye candy movie, with no possible redeeming value or indeed Oscar possibility. But that's just the sort of thing I need in August.

But with all this planning I must keep one movie in mind...and that movie is Backdraft. I waited for Backdraft for MONTHS, with the anticipation that only a fourteen year old girl with a crush on Billy Baldwin can have...and it turned out to be an O.K. movie, but nothing near to the hype I'd built up in my mind. It's similar to my excitement about Christmas, which gets me sick, physically sick, almost every single year because I get so worked up and excited about it.

So yes, I'll be there, at xXx on opening night, with my tattoo and my lust for big dumb oafs...but I'm going to try and put it out of my mind until then. Let this serve as a purging. Done.