What is rdesktop?

Well, if you want it, the ape-like creature above's write up will probably suffice. However, if you're just passing and wondering, then I'll tell you.

rdesktop implements the Microsoft-originated RDP client-side protocol. This enables a workstation running, say, Linux to get an NT desktop session displayed under X.

One reason you might like to do this is for remote administration of your NT servers from a more comfortable operating system. Another is for access to infrequently-used, NT-only applications.

Unlike VNC, however, you do need to pay Microsoft for the privelege. Unlike VNC, however, it's "built in" to NT.

Unlike Microsoft Terminal Services, rdesktop is released under the GPL, so you get the source and can see exactly what you're running.

From http://www.rdesktop.com, the relevant ITU-T drafts and RFCs are:

  • T.128 Draft - Application Sharing Protocol
  • T.125 Draft - Multipoint Communication Service
  • RFC905 - ISO DP 8073 Transport Protocol
  • RFC2126 - ISO Transport on TCP

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