9:47 PM

I woke up at 7am and went to work for a couple of hours. All I needed to do was start some servers. I could have probably done that from home... On my way back, I stopped by the gym for about one and a half hours, since I had not been there in two or three days. I had been busy on thursday and friday and saturday I was too tired from staying up all night.

I went back home and went to sleep until around 5 pm. I went back out and picked up some chinese food and then played Worms for a couple of hours until the Simpsons came on.

I guess after two and a half days of fun and excitement, I feel very bored and isolated today. I was just thinking about going to see a late movie, but the last show has already started for anything I'm interested in. I dunno.. I need to do something; I've only got 2 hours left in this weekend.

I'm going into work early tomorrow since I have to leave early to go to a Limp Bizkit/Godsmack/DMX concert in Fort Lauderdale. I've never been to a music concert before, so this should be interesting.

Sara is going to be gone for a week while she's up at her parents for christmas. I'm not sure what I should do next. She seems at least a little interested in me, and we have been on an arranged date together. The problem is that I still barely know her, so I feel uncomfortable with being too forward with her just yet. I was watching for any signals from her on Saturday when she came by my apartment while we were having our LAN party, but I didn't really see anything good or bad. I was very sleep deprived at the time though, so who knows. She has some nice pictures from our christmas party that I'd like to get a copy of. I especially liked one picture that was taken of the two of us, and I usually don't like pictures with me in them. Maybe I should invest in a scanner so I can get copies without having to take them somewhere.

I still need to decide what to get my family for christmas. I really hate this whole thing. I wish we could just mutually decide not to get anything for each other. I don't know what they're interested in anymore, and I really don't need any more weird decorative stuff to find a shelf for in my apartment. Maybe I'll go call them and find out what's going on.