Nothing like Java in the morning. I didn't even bother getting breakfast; I went straight to Emacs and started coding away. It was such a good feeling. I know it's in me. Sometimes I get really excited about it and start saying things like, "I am good. I am so fucking good. I am a fucking ninjacoder!" It's not that I'm full of myself or anything, it's a sort of encouragement. And it works.

Anyway, Thursdays are my heaviest load days. I only have two classes, but each one lasts 3 hours. It's quite painful. Inbetween classes I stopped by a grease truck and got a tuna salad sandwich. The sky was overcast and it was drizzling, so I decided to eat in my car and listen to my music, watching the windshield gather raindrops. This time of reflection allowed me to notice something - my school's campus has cameras everywhere! There is at least one camera on each of the 8 floors of the parking deck... probably more, since the ones I spotted were nicely hidden. There are also cameras on top of several buildings, aimed everywhere. I know it's for campus security, but it's also a little unnerving.

During a visit to the restroom, I noticed one of the drop ceiling tiles was removed, and there was darkness into the ceiling right about a toilet stall. I immediately thought about the cameras all over the campus and almost expected an eye to come out of the hole.

Yes, my mind is full of silly thoughts like that.