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Cooperation where it's possible, resistance where it's not.
You can lead a horse to E2, but you can't make it node.
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It is the truth that frees,
not your effort to be free

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Listen Up! - You may ask yourself, why has this guy been around here for over three years and not even broken the 30 writeup mark? Well, I ask myself that too. Part of the reason is that I found E2 years ago and then sort of forgot about it, and didn't return for a long time. So that's that. Also, I'm not really convinced of my abilities as a writer, so I'm trying to work on factual, good quality nodes, which take me a while to craft. This may lead you to a second question: what's with those crappy lyrics you noded? Yeah, I'm sorry, I noded some lyrics. I was young, I promise it won't happen again. Just give me one more chance. I'll fix I swear. Thanks for shopping.

My personal music theory quest

Favorite bands/musicians

"Funk not only MOOOOVES, it can REmove, dig. So for that there is always Parliament, The Meters, Funkadelic and the Bar-Kays. Tower of Power. James Brown . Aw yeah. Head fix. The brain getting connected to the lower half in a big way. Like a funky trip down the cerebral cortex to the tootsie pop center of your own holy hip rolling universe." -- witchiepoo

When I'm not bumming around E2 or doing school work, I'm probably playing bass, in the dojo, or following the path (or searching for it).

Fun (getting-to-know-you) Facts Born in Douglas, WY on February 20, 1980. Settled in Cannon Falls, Minnesota for most of my childhood. Currently in Madison, SD attending Dakota State University. My major is Computer Science (yipee).

Currently I'm doing some independent projects at school. One is building a Beowolf (sp) cluster for the science department to do 3d modeling of chemical particles. The other is just some basic research on AI, since the school offers no such education.

Recommended Reading on Buddhism

Recommended Reading on Aikido

Some of my favorites

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nodeshells that should be filled...

My contact info is below, in case you want to send me a post card or stop by on your way through. There's always room for crashing noders in need of shelter (call ahead).

Current Location:
Madison, SD 57042
Phone: 605.427.0200
Email: 'neils' at 'unionhead' dot 'com'

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