KSFY - Sioux Falls, SD - "Putting Dakota First"

On July 30, 1960, KSOO (channel 13) started broadcasting to South Dakota, northwest Iowa, and southwest Minnesota. The station began primarily as an NBC affiliate, but also broadcasted some ABC programming until the early 1980's until a full-time ABC affiliate began broadcasting. In 1983 KSOO switched from NBC to ABC.

KXAB-TV from Aberdeen was purchased by KSOO in 1970 to expand South Dakota coverage. The call letters for both stations were then changed to KSFY. In 1975 KSFY expanded coverage to the Pierre, SD area (registered as KPRY).

KSFY currently has an effective broadcast range of 60,000 square miles. KSFY television was purchased by Raycom Media, Inc. in 1996.


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