Here is the guitar tablature to "Sample in a Jar" by Phish. As usual, use this as a general guide, and listen to the song to get the timing down.

Sample in a Jar

Trey starts with this repeated twice as an intro (this is also the verse progression):

   A   C   G   D              A   E   Em   D

Drum Break.

Play the above progression twice for the first verse.

Chorus (4 times):

A   D   E   D  

One verse progression with distortion, then 2 more times as the second verse.


The break is played as follows:  

C   D   A   G   C   D   E  (hang on the E)

Trey's fill:

    H P H P H P H P H P H

Chorus (2 times). 

Verse progression again (solo over top).

Song ends on an A chord.


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