Ginny is leaving tomorrow. I can't believe it. We've lived in the same house (a household, even) for so long (long to me) that this seems impossible. Was it some Star Trek episode where the wants-to-be-a-real-boy character (Spock or Data) realizes that friendship is becoming accustomed to a person to the point where their absence is upsetting? Have i made that up? Sometimes you have to invent your history in order for it to be true enough.

I guess i go through friendships smoothly, but not without intensity. Are there a billion precious people in the world, or do i meet all the right people? Or both, or both? At any rate, there are people i can't imagine not caring for. And most of them are so far away.

I can hear Ginny and Kathy washing dishes. I made them dinner tonight, and made them laugh, and that's the best i can do. They say they want to take me with them, but i am pointed in the opposite direction (west). The best i can do is enough for now. I looked sadly at the dishes and they insisted that i shouldn't do them. The kitchen floor is a maze of half-packed cardboard boxes.

Moving on is a natural thing to do.