I think that brown sauce is a specifically british condiment (although if anyone here knows better please let me know). There are two major brands here in the UK: HP Sauce which comes in square-section bottles, and Daddies' Sauce which comes in more traditional round bottles. Of course there are many lesser varieties and supermarket own-brand versions, but HP and Daddies' are the market leaders.

The actual blend of herbs and spices used within each manufacturer's sauce is naturally a trade secret, but I will investigate a little and attempt to find out exactly what they put in this sauce.

Brown sauce is a similar consistency to tomato ketchup but is, naturally, brown rather than red, and has a sharper, slightly spicy flavour, with less of the sweetness usually associated with ketchup. It's the perfect accompaniment to bacon sandwiches and chip butties, and can also be used in cooking: I find that one or two dollops of brown sauce whenever a recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce can produce a subtle but tasty variant of the original dish.

achan tells me that HP Sauce is available in Canada, further proof that they are indeed a civilised nation who not only know how to spell but also appreciate the finer things in life!