It is.. the end of a day and I do not miss anyone or anything, I'm content, very optimistic and intensely satisfied with most aspects of a life I still don't understand but love. I think.. that it was herbman's little words that helped me feel this way, or perhaps it had more to do with the way in which they were presented. Regardless, I know they had much to do with the way I feel at present.. what a dreamy little human..

Today, I hear nothing but "At My Most Beautiful", all the time I hear it, as I watched a sunset blocked partially by clouds I hummed the sweet, soft little tune. It won't leave me and I'm so glad that it won't, I don't want it to.. it's as if I almost have that falling in love float'y feeling without falling in love. This doesn't happen too entirely often, really, so I'm embracing it fully and I've just the hint of a smile on my face.

There is a photography contest in the local paper that I'd like to enter if I had any film. I guess I could manage to scrounge some up, somehow.. perhaps take the five dollars I have sitting on my desk and use that. Perhaps that's why it was given to me, I don't even remember when my mother gave it to me just that she did.

I was informed around ten tonight that I've to work in the morning at seven o'clock, which is really quite awful considering I don't have even the slightest of desires to wake up that early. I really don't like it too much when I'm told I have to go work on some hideous job that will no doubt leave me bored (few things actually bore me anymore), and annoyed in general. Oh well.. mustn't grumble, at least that's what Joel'y always says..

I decided to add a writeup to "Whose Node is it Anyway?" today, I'm glad I'm not a judge anymore, I really didn't like having to choose any one writeup as "best". It's too hard, you know?
       I count your eyelashes, secretly..
I wonder if maybe someone will be able to make me smile with such simple little things some day, well, I know they could.. but will they?

Michael Stipe looks so infinitely dreamy when he sings, especially this particular song. I wish I had someone I could watch.. while they sleep, as they do the simplest of little things that seem so insignificant when done by anyone but them. I prefer this wistful attitude to the one of last night, when things seemed rather.. not so nice, I guess.

Something... someone, found a way to make me smile today, and they did, many times. Perhaps it was a little water sprite. To those who would make me realize things that are less than obvious sometimes, thank you..