"We don't even know what the 'OCP' stands for anymore!"

Webmaster Kyle "FragMstr" Bennett's OCP morphed into HardOCP sometime in late 1998 (If memory serves me right). The original OCP was a simple little page he had thrown together to demonstrate the ability of overclocking to increase dreadfully CPU dependant Unreal framerates. However, things became much more intresting once Kyle registered the HardOCP.com domain name and expanded his site.

As of late in the year 2000, the HardOCP has become quite the epicenter of overclocking information. Although it's not incredibly technical in nature, the OCP has it's place in the community. They cover a wide variety of news from wacky case modifications to video card and processor industry rivalries to destructive overclocking. Their reviews on video cards, motherboards, heatsinks, and even crazy things like simple thermal paste have become a staple of the community.

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