Apple tried to market a 68040 class PC call the Quadra
as a computer for people who run PC and Mac
software all at once. It comes with a daughter board
containing a PC motherboard with ram slots. Both
motherboards share the same hard-drive, input
, and monitor. Snarfing and barfing between
the two concurrently running OS makes data sharing
possible. 68040's were not good SoftPC/Softwindows
candidates, software emulation requires lots of
processing. With the faster chips in 2000
(G4/Athlon/PIII), VMWare and SoftWindows runs
better and faster. It's now common place to see people run
multiple OSes all at once, since no hardware add-ons
is required. Dual-processors (SMP) motherboards
remain popular today for those involved in multimedia
authoring (see BeOS and Celeron).

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