It really doesn't matter how intensely annoying the whining of others around me is, how much and often they complain of their utter boredom, I can't seem to feel that way anymore. My mind always has something to ponder, something to think about, and even if I've thought about it before, there are a million other lights in which I can regard it. It's like.. I'll never be bored again so long as my thought process remains even remotely similar to this. I'll never feel.. like them, like those who look at something and see it, but nothing deeper.. nothing past the outer shell of the object.

It's not as if I don't slip into a bit of a state of boredom from time to time, but it's more restlessness when that happens.. hm. I wonder if it's so good to completely lose any one thing, as unwanted as it usually is. I mean.. not many people want to feel bored, but I can't help but wonder if maybe I'll miss something really important because I was too thought'y, to enraptured with nothing slightly more or less than everything.

It's just him, I know it is. Curse you, you.. I'd be bored all the time if you didn't make me think, if you didn't occupy my mind constantly. How did you get in there, any way? I can't even escape you in dreamland.. you float around in there, too, always just out of reach..

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