i'd walk the water to get back to you, and where i was complete..

i cried over a spinning record i cried because it was over like the passing roadside on too long car trips, streaks of colour and they were not the sort that spill.. they simply fill your eyes and then, linger.

sometimes i am so caught up in the fact that i have never felt so comfortable or right, with anyone. no one. i've never wanted to sit and simply stare at someone, watch them sleep, breathe, watch their chest rise and fall just to absorb fully the fact that they are alive. i've never felt like this before.. really. so how did you slip in, how did i let you? it was fast but, i wonder now why it took even as long as it did.

in my head, i sat beside you, or, in front yes, in front and i looked into your eyes like a movie but only after i took in the ceiling and floating light memories. i looked at you and said everything and nothing, i closed my eyes to pause, i blinked to stall.. but you knew. sometimes i live in my head, little scenes from a coffee shop i once sat in, sometimes i live in thoughts of you.

every little thing in my life is so much to me. i wander outside and i am captivated by the world. i walk to a store and i feel like i've travelled so far from here. i stroll under moonlight to the top of a low hill and i am on highest mountain. really.

sometimes, when i read beautiful, aching, brilliant text, it is such fucking bullshit. other times, it feeds me. i am always drawn to you. also i am just rambling and were all of you aware how many totally insanely amazing people are wandering around the universe? really.