4:40 pm

just woke, aching kneeshouldershipsfeet
from lifting cases of threeholedrill.
thank you, kinko's.
thank you for my exhausted body,
for eyes burning of florescence,
for subliminal pop muzak infecting my once clear thoughts.
thank you for toner stains and paper cuts,
for my evergrowing disgust with humanity,
for my nightmares of mispunching a customer original coilbind.
thank you for keeping me 6 hours past my scheduled clock-out.
i really needed the overtime,
because money is preferable to sanity,
and your copies are important to us.
we express yourself, do you see the desperation in these eyes?
this behemoth machine is sucking my soul out and jamming it, crumpled, in area 4a.
please clear misfeed thank you
four and a quarter five and a half eleventeen twenty four ten point,
paperclips in my pocket, gluesticking it to the man
by collating with precision.
thank you kinko's,
i have at least
gotten better
at shooting rubber bands.

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