Latest Catbox Mattbox Messages from Outside on Tue, 21st Dec 2004

EVERYBODY has won, and all must have prizes.

22:17 wertperch gets down on one knee
22:18 LaggedyAnne rawr!
22:18 JudyT readies the whip
22:21 LaggedyAnne slobbers all over JudyT
22:21 FeltTips knows a lady who keeps a riding crop under the passenger seat of her car
22:22 wertperch /msg grundoon Will you look at my homenode please?
22:22 Andromache01 is speechless, and she isn't even the one being asked. O_O
22:22 grundoon is watching, curious.
22:23 wertperch Will you marry me, Christine?
22:24 grundoon Why, yes, I b'lieve I will.
22:24 LaggedyAnne WOOOOO!!!!! *acts all obnoxious*
22:24 FeltTips dances and jumps up clapping in her cubicle
22:24 grundoon LOL! Try to remember I'm at work, here, people! YES.
22:25 Ereneta rubs his eyes. Rereads catbox.
22:25 DejaMorgana Dude!
22:25 FeltTips can I sing at your wedding?
22:26 Ereneta This better not be some Nigerian banking scam.
22:26 haze throws joints
22:26 wertperch grins like a fool, and cries some, too

22:26 FeltTips weeps also
22:27 grundoon I'm turning into ophie. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Happy solstice, everyone!
22:27 LaggedyAnne awww. how sweet... dude! *That's* why you bookmarked that one thing :P
22:27 Ereneta Yet.
22:27 Vimes Super.
22:27 Andromache01 hugs the Lovely Grundoon. And Wertperch, too. Congratulations, you two!
22:27 wertperch hugs grundoon with great relish
22:28 Jet-Poop HOLY CRAP
22:28 LaggedyAnne throws bird-safe rice and dolphin-safe tuna and tells someone to make a casserole on such a happy occasion
22:28 Albert Herring Well, congratulations.
22:29 Ereneta has been here five years plus... and there's never been one instance of chatterbox that I've taken for "real life."
22:29 TenMinJoe throws rice
22:29 Ereneta I've having a hard time suspending my disbelief.
22:29 256 Congratulations, both of you.
22:30 randombit throws dolphin safe tuna sandwitches
22:30 grundoon You and me both, Ereneta.
22:30 Jet-Poop hires himself out for the bachelorette party
22:31 FeltTips knew this was coming for a while
22:31 Jet-Poop sees himself in the mirror every morning and feels duty-bound to advise bachelorettes to bring their own Pepto
22:32 DejaMorgana tries to think of witty things to say but ends up stammering "DUDE!" again and again. Congratulations to the both of you.
22:32 grundoon Yeah, but FeltyTips, you don't count, you are a seer.
22:32 JudyT squees and tries not to cry.
22:32 wertperch It was inevitable, FeltTips, but one day, I knew I would just ask.
22:32 FeltTips grins like a goof
22:33 Jet-Poop Are we not overdue to see this in the topic?
22:33 Digital Goblin cheers madly.
22:34 grundoon Grinning like a goof describes it pretty well. Kevin, you are a nut case. I love you.
22:34 JudyT ties tin cans full of tuna to EDB's back bumper.
22:34 Ereneta I can believe you'd ask, werty. I just can't believe you'd ask in the catbox.
22:35 FeltTips oh now silly ~ that's just a performance for the masses.
22:35 Albert Herring Jet-Poop, we already do, do we not? Just needs a pipelink...
22:35 Ereneta blinks. Shakes head. Rubs eyes again. Slowly backs away from the computer.
22:35 wertperch I love you too, sweetheart!
22:36 Chase holy shit. Congrats!
22:36 Albert Herring The PSM also sends her congratulations.
22:37 Ereneta I'm gonna come back later and see if this thing is real, or some new form of performance art. (Here's hoping that congratulations and festivities are in order! Hooray!)
22:37 wertperch Ah, thank her for me! Thanks to you all!
22:37 iceowl you crazy kids. ossie says congrats.