I've been feeling really strange and off kilter the past couple of days. One contributing factor may be that school gets pretty flaky this time of year with all parties involved preparing for holiday gluttony and sleeping until you get a headache. I'm also getting sicker. If you have an extra pancreas around please send it.

We watched part of the Spike Lee documentary about the bombings in Birmingham. I think that Spike Lee should stick to the facts. After completely fucking up and distorting the life of Malcolm X in what for some people may be the only exposure they get to the man, I was pretty pessimistic about Lee's future.

I found out about a different way to cook turkey that sounded really good but seems way too expensive after doing a little checking. There was an article in a local freebie magazine that was praising the Southern tradition of deep frying turkey. Since I am an advocate of nearly all things fried, I decided this might be worth a try. Guess what? Ten gallons of peanut oil at a whack is too much for my budget. I know that most people equate studying sociology with a swinging, playboy lifestyle but I will be eating no fried turkey this year. Anyone done this before or even eaten the bird deep fried?

On the bus ride here I tried to give this homeless woman my gloves and she got really upset at me. I understand that maybe a public place isn't the best for giving clothes to people who need them but this woman was so underdressed that I couldn't really stop myself. I've lived in both New York City and San Francisco so I'm not exactly shocked by the idea of homeless people. The clothes that this woman was wearing really fucked with me though. The only shoes she had were slippers covered with duct tape and tied (with plastic bags) to what looked like lumber scraps. Yeah, slippers strapped to pieces of wood. Anyway, the situation has been bothering me all morning. How do you handle these situations? This woman obviously needs some help and isn't getting it. How do you offer help without seeming like some well fed asshole with a little seasonal philanthropy itch to scratch. So frustrating.

Now it is time to navigate through the construction torn streets of downtown Denver in hopes of finding out where to catch the bus.