A Federal sloop-of-war built in 1861 at Boston Naval Yard and commissioned on August 29th, 1862. It had two main boilers and one auxilliary boiler and generated 1,150 horsepower. It joined the South Atlantic Blockade Squadron on September 19th, 1862.

It played a very minor role in the naval campaigns of the Civil War, though it participated in the Federal attack on Fort Sumter on September 8th, 1863. The Housatonic went down in history, however, for being the first ship sunk in battle by a submarine, the CSS H.L. Hunley.

It was sunk February 18th, 1864 in Charleston harbor. Five men fell victim to the torpedo blast that took it to the bottom. In 1909, Charleston officials destroyed the wreck as it posed a danger to passing ships.

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