I am feeling all sort of out of sorts today. Every little thing is driving me nuts today. I need to have internet access at home, as much as the thought of going back to dial up makes me cringe. Computer labs are nerve racking to say the very least. I think that this particular one is second in popularity to the library in ranking for the best quiet place to disturb by hollering into your cell phone. I don't hate cell phones. I fucking despise bad manners and/or lack of propriety. I might be crazy but I am burdened with the apparent secret that I am not the only person who lives on the planet. Should I bother? Yes, I do need a nap.

This weekend was equally divided between an 18 hour sleep spree (which I needed so badly - wow, my brain really does operate better after sleeping for more than a couple of hours a night) and a massive cleaning of my room. This doesn't sound like a massive endeavor but

The embarassing part is that it took 16 hours of constant work and I'm not even done. Yes, I am swine. Ten bags of garbage later and some floorboards are visible. I only found one dead bird which was a relief. Jesus, that sounds really awful. I should just burn my house down and move on.

So, anyway, the room is clean(er) and the girl is happy. Mission accomplished, I guess. My life makes your life look exciting but I'm really happy. Why do I feel like such an asshole saying that?