Rayuela is the word for hopscotch all over South and Central America. It means, roughly, lines drawn on the ground. A rayuelo is a bird -- a snipe, but I think that it's unrelated to hopscotch, except that snipes have little stripes.

Here are some alternate words in Spanish and Portuguese for the game of hopscotch. I have added a few English translations in pipe links. Most of the names refer to the stripes drawn on the ground, or birds that stand on one leg, or the piece of stone or big seed that you throw into the squares.

  • Argentina: gambeta, luche, tejo, tilín, tuncuna
  • Bolivia: tuncuña, coxcojilla
  • Brazil: academia, amarelinha
  • Colombia: la golosa, coroza
  • Cuba: arroz con pollo, quiriquiquí, quian disao, tejo
  • Chile: luche, lucho, tejo, mariola, concojilla, reina mora, infernáculo
  • Ecuador: ficha
  • Guatemala: tejo
  • México: tejo pije
  • Panamá: corcojita
  • Paraguay: descanso
  • Perú: mundo
  • Puerto Rico: peregrina
  • República Dominicana: peregrina, trucamelo
  • El Salvador: peregrina
  • Uruguay: teja
  • Venezuela: la grulla