I just thought I'd drop in a quick note about a t-shirt I saw today. It doesn't deserve a proper writeup, but it amused me none the less.


Say what? Here, we have a t-shirt, advocating 'destroy capitalism'. Capitalism, eh? Lets see what E2 has to say about that...

Sinner says in his writeup:

"An economic system based upon the leveraging of wealth to accrue more wealth."

Now this t-shirt was being sold in a shop. More than that, it is sold in a shop by a guy who cares nothing for the actual views of people who want to *ahem*, 'DESTROY CAPITALISM'. He is cashing in on the fact that things like this are fashionable now. This t-shirt was being sold for about £15 (that's about $30). Now that's a lot of money for a basic t-shirt.

Do the wee 'punk rock' kids care?

No of course not, because that's a "Damn cool t-shirt, dude". Ah the fabulously amusing age that we live in. If you can't laugh at them, what can you do?

New Topic
You know that Busted song, 'Year 3000?' (Sorry someone just brought it up in the Catbox) Has anyone else notice that the line aabout 'your great great great grandaughter' is hideously innaccurate?

We are in the year 2004 now. If I have kids, lets assume I am 35 when this happens, just to make sure I am mature enough (hopefully). In fact, we will assume that all my family have kids when they are exactly 35, due to some wierd family tradition.

So I have some kids at 35 (year 2021). Now, they have kids at 35 (year 2056). These are my Grandaughters. They have kids at 35 (2091), and their kids (2126), and their kids (2161). Here we are at my great great great grandaughter. So by the time we get to the year 3000, she is 839 years old.

839 years old!

I'm sure we're going to have lots of advances in extending peoples lifetimes and cosmetic surgery etc, but 839 and still looking gorgeous and alive is fairly ridiculous.

I have too much time on my hands...