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I'm Back!

Ok, so I'm back and now I'm at university. Unfortunately this seems to be taking up a whole lot of my time what with all the working and the drinking. That'll explain my very low level of activity at the moment on here. Don't worry, I still love you all!

Catch ya later

Hey Everybody!

There probably won't be much activity from me for a while as I'm off to New Zealand and don't know how much time I'm going to have to node. Hopefully when I get back I'll be able to throw down many a node about my experiences or things I have found out over there.

See you later kids!

Bio eh?


Nah, we don't want that.

I've got an hour and a half to go...

Remember, what ever you do, you've got to give it 100% or it will be nothing.

Have fun and spread the love! Rock your Karma!

More nonsense regarding myself can be found at:

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  • user: gav_mck

Hopefully my website will be back up soon as well, redesigned to advertise myself to universities!