You are not in my arms the way I want you to be. The obstacles you've put between us are a country apart. The forces that appear to surround us threaten to tear away all that we hold dear.


History is hard to believe at times like this. How must it be serious? What are your memories and your dreams? Tell me, but don't worry about me. Life is sweeter when you don't dwell on the negatives.

I am looking for you in places I do not think I was meant to. The laws of writing and continuity are being broken. They've always been broken. The story ended the moment you left me. It was merely one of many.

I am trying to find you again. Help me.

I am talking to you via Instant Messenger. It is not enough. I want you with me as we see the most inspirational wonders of all that was created and uncreated. I want to know you the way you loved me. Once.

I am afraid that you worry when there is nothing to worry about. You must know that by now, deep down, that it will be alright. I would lie for you.