Pluto *is* a planet
  • Pluto, like the rest of the planets, has a thin atmosphere (probably methane).
  • Pluto is theorized to have polar ice caps.
  • Pluto is thorized to have its own core and mantle.
  • Pluto is theorized to have an active surface and pronouced seasons.
  • Pluto, like many planets, has its own moon.
  • The ancient Greeks coined the word planet. It means "wanderer" describing the way the planets moved around the sky as opposed to the stars which stayed put as the Earth rotated. Pluto reflects lots of light, like other planets, while most other Kuiper Belt objects are dark.

Maybe Pluto needs to be the first of a new classification of planet. Currently there are gas giants and rocky inner planets. Perhaps we need to explore the makeup of *other* solar systems to more clearly be able to define our own. At the very least, Pluto can be our definition of the minimum requirements for a planet to be a planet in other solar systems.

This writeup is in response to Pluto isn't a planet