Maybe the fact that i write these late-ish here, but i can hardly remember today.

Maybe that attests to how little i do...

But i do know this...

woke up late for work. again... that makes, in all likelihood, the fourth time this week. so i went to work without showering (that's ok, no one has to smell me, all i am is Autoclave Girl, i'm well-hidden from the techies).

And work is isolated enough, had i wanted to nap, i could have, but i had started reading The Ebony Tower... and like The Magus was, i couldn't put it down. mmm, good!

Along those lines, i had soup (i'm a bad bad vegetarian, this had a little bit of chicken in it, spank me, i'm bad) and a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. eating well, am i.

Got all the way to my bus stop after my obligatory three hours in the Pathology building, then realised that i had left my wallet in my lab coat. so back i traversed. and took a later, and not so convenient, bus to Sarah's house.

Sarah's son Charlie is autistic. He's almost four-and-a-half years old, and absolutely adorable. and at times, absolutely a terror. but today was nice, he actually didn't scream the whole time. progress, progress...

and as it sometimes happens, it began raining... i like a good cleansing every now and again, though i am not sure if Cleveland rain really counts. so i came home, after a bit.

made veggies and watched wrestling with Simon, Beth, Eric and Kendra. enlightening... and then this place drew me back, as it has every night, for some reason. some addictive power. so i write about my meaningless day, and think about my life, and read the gorgeous and not-so-gorgeous and honest and funny words of others.

and that's what i'm doing, right now.