Exceptionally puerile children's television show aired on ITV in the early 1990's. Made by the same people who did Spitting Image* (or at least the same production company). Round the Bend celebrated the twin national obsessions of toilet humour and parody. It was hosted by a sewer-dwelling crocodile (a latex sub-animatronic puppet) called Doc Croc, who would carry out various harebrained schemes to become rich and/or famous in between offering up cartoon skits.

The cartoons were mainly parodies of existing children's shows (such as Thundercats and Transformers), given a mild scatological element and packed with cheesy wordplay. The one that sticks in my memory was Thunderpants (the Thundercats parody), where the various characters were clad in humourous pants (note to merkins: pants meaning underpants, not trousers). Mumm-ra, of course, became Bum-ra. How could they not?

Complete rubbish of course, but it still amazes me how they got away with such things when most children's TV has to prove that it's beneficial or educational these days.

*Fluck and Law