The theme of a commercial about becoming an organ donor. Now, don't get me wrong, being an organ donor is good for society and each other...but listen: This commercial has like five people in it, all telling you how they need some vital part of your body! I understand that they really do need my liver, corneas, arteries, heart, (well, ok, my liver's probably shot), or even my gills...and they would really appreciate my signing up for the organ donation program and then kicking the bucket. But really, do they need to tell me during a movie? Do they really want someone else to bite it, so that they don't? Granted, I'm selfish, and if I needed something that someone else had in order to live, I'd be out in my Explorer aiming for anyone with the right blood type. But still, a commercial? Fine, it was just weird, and I shouldn't get all worked up, but I forgot to take my medicine today.

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