Rincewind the "Wizzard" is one of the most popular characters in Terry Pratchett's Discworld universe. His most remarkable talent is that he is not in fact dead yet.

Over the course of the Discworld series, he has been chased around most of the Disc (and off the edge). His travels have lead him to learn how to scream for mercy in 19 languages and just scream in 44.

Being isolated from what passes for civilisation on the Disc has left him with some interesting character quirks, including an obsession with potatoes. Rincewind has done a number of heroic things - partly by being a pawn of the Gods (and Death), but occasionally through his own unique talents. He would protest however that he is not so much a reluctant hero as a frustrated coward.

He is a keen iconographer and also invented Marmite (or Vegemite, possibly). He is usually accompanied by The Luggage, who seems to serve him.

The Wizards of Unseen University treat him with a grudging respect - although he was a hopeless student (it is thought that the net magical aptitude of the human race will actual increase slightly when he dies), he did save them from a fate worse than no dinner on numerous occasions.

He features in the books The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, Eric, Interesting Times and The Last Continent. He is also the protagonist of the computer games Discworld and Discworld II.