From Terry Prattchet's discworld

Mustrum Ridcully (Ridcully the Brown) is the current Archchancellor of The Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork, who was chosen on the basis that he had become a 7th level mage, then gone back to the Ramtops for thirty years, and therefore would have a different approach to University life.

Unfortunately, when Ridcully arrived, they discovered that he had a passion for hunting, drinking, eating, and shouting at people. He liked exercise, and encouraged the other wizards to join in his morning runs. He would go out drinking to all hours in taverns and tumble back late (or early) in the morning. He arm wrestled trolls, and while not winning, didn't have his arm ripped off. He has managed to drive the Bursar, a man who was a quiet and nervous sort, to the brink of insanity by shouting for (or at) him first thing in the morning, and hanging the target for his crossbow practice above the Bursar's desk. In fact the Bursar now lives far beyond the insanity line, and is happy in his own world of fluffy elephants and so on. He has also made Ponder Stibbons' life far less enjoyable, since he enjoys taking an interest in Hex, the University's thinking machine, which is a problem because Ponder is no longer sure how Hex works, or how to explain anything to the Archchancellor (which applies to most people when your boss decides to see just what it is that you have been doing in the corner all alone for the past few months...).

He cannot manage the people under him, but this is alright because the wizards of Unseen University are unmanageable. Under his influence, the method of promotion by killing the wizard above you has stopped, since Ridcully himself seems to be just about unkillable. The faculty seems to have existed in a state of relative peace since his arrival. The only death has been that of Windle Poons (eventually, after a brush with zombie unlife), and that was of old age (130 years old).

He has a brother who is the High Priest for Blind Io, he shares many personality traits with his brother, and they have been known to aid each other to stop assembled wizards and priests from fighting.

Ridcully has the sort of mind that only picks up the bits that it wants from a conversation, and once he has hold of a mental thread, will unravel it until the very end. Often people, when trying to explain things to the Archchancellor have to adjust their mental state several times until they are tuned in to Radio Ridcully.

It looks as if Ridcully will remain the head of Unseen University for some time to come.

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