Soy milk is an excellent drink for women.
  • The milk industry, which is responsibile for every ad you've ever seen talking about how good milk is for you, recommends that women drink milk to prevent osteoporosis. But animal proteins actually weaken bones and milk doesn't have enough calcium to make up for the damage it does-so you actually end up worse off. Soy milk, however, doesn't have animal proteins and is often (probably usually) fortified with calcium. (Leafy greens are also a good source of calcium for those wanting to make sure they get enough.)
  • Soy consumption has been linked to lower rates of oestrogen-driven or related cancers (breast cancer and perhaps cancers of the female reproductive system.
  • According to totally unofficial sources, many women enjoy chocolate when they're having problems with PMS (okay, and it tends to be a human favourite in general, but it seems that it's especially true to help pain/mood-problems/whatever the motivation might be during the premenstrual time) and chocolate soy milk is a great way to satisfy the chocolate craving without the fat one would get from non-vegan sources.