Okay, so the man was right when he told me this 'living healthy' thing would grow on me. Who know, I may give up eating Delicious Animals(TM) before the year is out... but probably not.

I was doing a bit of shopping tonight, looking for the chemical fuel to power my night of noding, and was walking by the Dairy Case when I saw it:

Silk Nog : Soy Milk Eggnog

Now, I've always open to new things and so I decided i'd try something completely against my character and get a litre of it. I was thinking the same thing you were: It's not going to be any good unless there is a half-dozen eggs in it to clog my arteries; If it's healthy, it can't be good.

I almost creamed myself it was so good.

Think about it. It looks like eggnog. It smells like eggnog. It tastes like eggnog. But it's only got 1 gram of fat per 1/2 cup serving! Compare that to regular 'nog, that has 2 cows worth of heavy cream and a henhouse worth of eggs in it, you're basically looking at a coronary in a glass. You can almost be proud of yourself for gorging yourself on this. Almost. You still have to pee sometime.

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