ooh. first daylog. i can hardly wait for the fabled downvote

  • so, i got an email back from blizzard tech support. looks like my battle.net account is gone for good. somehow someone got access to it and changed the account's password. bugger. looks like i have to go and change all the other passwords that were similar to that one. i mean, i don't mind too much. it's not like i had any level 50 characters, but still. it bothers me. and no, i didn't fall for the "/w 31337_d00d with your password to get your battlenet ranking!" thing. buh.
  • 2nd day of classes. bleh. spanish is going to kick my ass, i can tell already. three more quarters, too.
  • i'm thinking of getting a cat. perhaps this weekend. then i could get the pet deposit into my landlord with my rent. hmm.
mmkay. that's it.