(Sorry! But I feel better now.)

I had managed to get half an essay written in my scratch pad and then I ran across this. It just seems that any idea that occurs to me as being something neat and interesting has been done before. I mean my almost two year old son demonstrated how you can colour your hair with chocolate frogurt. Now, if I had thought of the idea, there would be a node here that I would find out about later that detailed effective frogurt hair dyes. Sort of like that pangram incident..


Erm. Yes? Why are you all in shining white and carrying a pointy object in one hand and thesaurus in the other?

OH! Well, I didn't know. Please don't hurt me. I bow. I prostrate. Let me kiss your..

...feet. Umm, can I ask you a question? You know everyone keeps going on about how Poetry gets downvoted?


Well mine doesn't seem to.

But I didn't even mention flanged control valves...

Ok, but can I mention other noders that live in proximity to me but who I don't actually know as a sad attempt to get upvotes?