Okay, now let's get some equal air time. Next time I log in, I hope to see and vote up some sexual myths women perpetuate about themselves, from guys who used to be fooled by these myths and no longer are.

Hmmm. Time to shed some more experience points. The favorite memetic ploy I've encountered is the me too gambit. It works like this...

Joe: Y'know, by and large, it's been my experience that women don't enjoy porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake as much as guys do.
Bob: Yeah, well, as they say vive le difference
Mary: Hey! That's not true at all, those are all generalizations and sexual myths about women. I know plenty of women who enjoy porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake. Why, my room mate's cousin's ex study partner's sister placed first in the regional porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movie/Quake semifinal.
Joe & Bob in unison: Wooow...
Joe: ...so you're saying that...
Bob: ...we've been wrong about women all along?
Mary: Yup! That's exactly what I'm saying.
Joe: Kewel. We were just planning to get the guys together and indulge in a little porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake this weekend. You wanna come along?
Bob: Yeah, come on over, it will be a blast.
Mary: Um, no thanks. I don't feel comfortable doing that. I just meant, in principle women are into all that weird stuff, but of course I'd rather die twice than go within ten feet of any of it... until the next time someone tries to exclude me from it or recognize the fact that I've essentially excluded myself.
Joe and Bob look really confused and a little disappointed.
Repeat ad nauseaum.