The big secret that eluded all those direct marketers is that it's easy to get rich quick. All you do is follow my two-step plan:

Step 1: Work like a bastard. There are night jobs that will hire you for way less than you make during the day, but at least you'll be putting all that down time to some use. Plus, most night jobs are pretty easy and involve a lot of sitting and chilling. As a side benefit, it's that much less time you'll have in which to squander your next year's tuition on movies, toys, etc. As another side benefit, if you've given up on romance, you now have an ego-saving excuse: I don't have time for a GF/BF, I work 80 hours a week. You'll often hear naysayers point out that you need to sleep. With a little discipline and some melatonin there are plenty of 3-5 hour intervals during the week for you to catch some Z's, not to mention the weekends. 5 hours of sleep is all you really need, as long as you don't mind caffeine.

Step 2: Invest every penny you don't use. It's like in a strategy game: if you're accumulating hoards of gold or resources or whatever, it means you aren't maximizng their use. I mean, I keep around about a month's worth of income as a safety cushion, but my online broker gets the rest. It's pointless to have it sit in the bank, slowly losing value to inflation. Sure, the market might not be looking too good right now, but the NASDAQ has recovered about half of its recent point loss, so looking out over the next couple of months, I'm not worried.