The Red House Painters were band from San Francisco. They were formed in 1989 and signed with 4AD in 1992. The relationship between band and label, however, was rather short and tumultuous. Their music is best described as thoughtful and melancholy.

Their album discography is:

Yes, they released two self-titled albums in 1993.

The split with 4AD came before Songs for a Blue Guitar was released. Ivo Watts-Russell (Mr. 4AD) thought it was too guitary and Mark Kozelek (Mr. Red House Painters) thought Ivo should go to hell. The split was very acrimonious and very public (at least if you're the kind of music weenie that reads Melody Maker and NME.)

Members of the Red House Painters included Mark Kozelek - vocals, guitar, Phil Carney - guitar, Jerry Vessel - bass, Anthony Koutsos - drums.