Sun Kil Moon is a project from Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters fame. The ensemble consists of Painter's drummer Anthony Koutsos, drummer Tim Mooney (American Music Club), bassist Geoff Stanfield (formerly from Black Lab), and a string trio from the San Francisco Conservatory.

Their first album, Ghosts of the Great Highway, was recorded between March 2002 and May 2003 and released on November 4, 2003 on Jet Set Records.


01. Glenn Tipton

02. Carry Me Ohio

03. Salvador Sanchez

04. Last Tide

05. Floating

06. Gentle Moon

07. Lily and Parrots

08. Duk Koo Kim

09. Si, Paloma

10. Pancho Villa

This cd has been said to be "the sonic equivalent of a tightly woven patchwork quilt, a sprawling aesthetic manifesto overflowing with empathy, warmth, nostalgia, and an intensely resigned anger and yearning to reclaim those who time has taken." (Hartley Goldstein, Pitchfork)

I tend to agree.

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