Fifth CD from the most excellent band, Red House Painters. If you haven't heard them before, I'd say try this CD first. The lyrics speak for themselves, no pun intended. Just go find them and listen.

Songs for a Blue Guitar:

  1. Have You Forgotten
  2. Song for a Blue Guitar
  3. Make Like Paper
  4. Priest Alley Song
  5. Trailways
  6. I Feel the Rain Fall
  7. Long Distance Runaround
  8. All Mixed Up
  9. Revelation Big Sur
  10. Silly Love Songs
  11. Another Song for a Blue Guitar

All songs written by Mark Kozelek, except Long Distance Runaround written by Jon Anderson, All Mixed Up, written by Ric Ocasek, and Silly Love Songs, written by Paul McCartney.

I do not swear on anything that these lyrics are 100% accurate, but I looked around and listened hard and did the best I could. Correct me, if you know better... and we can still be friends.

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