I've found that I really like reading other people's day logs. I had been ignoring them for a while since (really) I don't know very many people at all here. I almost never go to #everything and the chatterbox is usually off of my screen. But even without knowing the people involved, I find the day logs really compelling. I like reading about the small joys and triumphs and disappintments of my fellow noders. It's sort of addictive and voyeuristic.

Anyhow ...

Still sick. I would've spent all day in bed if not for the fact that I had to pick my parents up from the airport. I distracted myself from my feeling ill while I drove by listening to "This American Life". The first to acts were pretty good, the first being a half-an-hour with David Sedaris, who is always funny. Afterwards we went out for lunch and had good chinese food that was only slightly spoiled by a whiney twelve-year-old girl sitting at the table next to us. She was complaining incessantly about how she wanted to go to Burger King and how poorly her father always treated her because they weren't at Burger King and how miserable she would be until they got to Burger King. I wanted to slap her silly. I mean, really! Burger King? I don't think she could possibly think of a less trivial to complain about? What was even worse was the mother kept on taking the whiny daughter's side. I'm sure that can't be a good parenting strategy to let your kid divide and conquer.

No big plans for tonight. I'll either try to rest some more, if I can (but it's hard because my room is so damned hot. I think it must be close to 100o today and my room is facing south so I get a lot of sunlight and my computer is on 24/7 so that acts as a little space heater so it's really, really uncomfortable.) or maybe do some work. Oh, I got news that the company I'm contracting at thinks it can stay afloat for at least another 4-6 weeks, now that it's decided to sell off some of its assets (another company that it had acquired about six months ago.) That's nice. If I stick around it'll be interesting to see what happens.